When the Yakuza Falls in Love – Summary & Review

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When the Yakuza Falls in Love is a Korean novel, and as the title itself says, the reader can take it as a love story, but a little bit different because it is about a gay love story. 

The novel is a great attempt to establish the idea that homosexual relationships are also can be successful in the Asian context and a Yakuza Boss also has his own definition of love and sensual feelings. This review is unfolding how the novel is constructed and the character’s contributions to the plot.


When The Yakuza Falls In Love Novel

Brief Information 

When the Yakuza Falls in Love is an action-comedy light novel by author Murimi written in Korean language, it’s a novel of sixty-five chapters published in 2019. 

The story is an exceptional love story between Daiki Jo, a seductive and cold-blooded yakuza boss, and Minjoon, who is chosen by Daiki’s son, Toma, to be his ‘Mama’.


Minjoon is a 22 years old nursing student who travels to Japan to study, having lots of dreams of a great gay life. Minjoon is about to commit suicide after being scammed by his former lover of six months, but he is unexpectedly stopped by a group of black Benz vehicles. Toma, a small boy comes out of one Benz, and calls Minjoon ‘Mama’ out of nowhere while rushing into his arms. 

Though Minjoon hesitates at first, Tom does not want him to let go and is carried by Toma to the yakuza’s den, where he encounters the cruel and deadly Daiki and decides it would be easier to just kill after catching Daiki’s eye. Taisei, Minjoon’s ex-lover, works under Daiki, and not knowing that it is his boss that Minjoon has a relationship, makes jokes about him and even kidnaps Minjoon. It makes Daiki angry, stabs the back of Taisei’s hand, and brutally twists it as hard as he can. 

After the lover’s rescue, Daiki confesses his love to Minjoon and even reveals that his love can be brutal to Minjoon, so let him leave.  Afterward, Minjoon also confesses that all he wants in his life is Daiki. 


Following by protagonist Minjoon, there are a few more characters in the novel; Daiki Jo, Toma Jo, Taisei Kato, and so on. Starting with Minjoon is initially introduced as a very depressed character by the writer. Minjoon urged them not to leave him as they walked away while he was naked and in the presence of individuals who appeared to be hostile. 

When left alone with Daiki, he wonders if the others will be able to return and becomes even more humiliated because Daiki is aware of his first discomfort. He is perplexed as to how Daiki can maintain such good looks without changing his expressions. 

Minjoon explains that he is only a regular college student and wonders how the yakuza managed to catch him. Minjoon, who is twenty-two and was born in Seoul, South Korea, moved to Japan to study and now attends the nursing program at Tokyo University. 

Minjoon recalls how he used to buy triangle kidnaps frequently and enjoy them with Taisie. Minjoon blasted him and shouted in front of everyone about how he was suffering right now but would pass away, furious at how he had been abused. 

Minjoon then views himself as a fool after remembering how they kissed. Uncomfortable around men in black, Minjoon thinks about how terrible they all are and imagines ridiculous ways he could die while also reflecting on how much he misses his mother. 

When Daiki notices that Toma is calling Minjoon ‘Mama’, he decides to hire Minjoon while waiting for Toma to realize that he is not his mother because he is aware of Minjoon’s background and is unsure of why Tom is calling him ‘mama’. 

Daiki also claims that he can kill Taisei if Minjoon desires it after taking care of Minjoon’s financial problems. Daiki immediately queries whether it is because he loves him, even though Minjoon does not desire it. Toma is the small boy who calls Minjoon mama and, learning that he is not the mother, begins to cry, asking for his mother. 

Tasei is Minjoon’s former lover of six months, who was born in Yamanashi Prefecture and is noted as being 23. He is unemployed yet does gambling in the Shinjuku area. 

Taisei pleads to sign a contract with Minjoon before his own mother’s death since he can’t afford the hospital fee. In conclusion, all the characters are interesting and enjoyable. 

When The Yakuza Falls In Love Novel Review

The writer has cleverly woven characters and their interactions with each other. It is very appraisable how characters react to situations in both ways alone and together. Besides, the child there also does a nice job, giving the reader some heart-touching moments. 

The story itself has a very simple way of writing to be followed, also written in a simple language. The writer is clever in maintaining the curiosity and the dramatic sense until the very end. Basically, the novel is a proper combination of the right amount of drama, comedy, sensuality, and empathy. 

The story flows down, giving the reader a whole combination of feelings as every character has their own kind of adorable actions and reactions. The plot is very simple as it starts in a disturbing way and ends up falling in love with the simple fact that a small boy sees a boy on the verge of suicide and calls him mom. 


When the Yakuza Falls in Love is engaging enough to keep the reader reading for several days, although there are some annoying parts, it also has the appropriate amount of distress, fuzz, drama, action, and a satisfying payoff. 

In my point of view, this piece can be composed just by reading the knife scene while simultaneously being able to enjoy the cute and sensual exchange between Daiki and Minjoon. 

I believe it is about time the two lovers would finally open up and be honest with their feelings after taking a long time with each other.