Who Made Me A Princess Novel – 3 Reasons To Read

Who Made Me A Princess novel should be ready in your to-read list if you’re a fan of adventures, love, friendships, and anything adrenaline-filled! 


Who Made Me a Princess novel (Korean: Eoneu nal gongjuga doeeobeolyeossda) is a well-known Korean webtoon series based on Pluto’s novel of the same name. Illustrated by Spoon, it is available in both paper and web formats. 

Are you curious about what the story entails? Find out here everything about the novel with us!

All About The “Who Made Me A Princess” Novel


Unlike the title suggests, Who Made Me a Princess novel isn’t about any princess of a kingdom. Rather, it chronicles the adventures of a South Korean girl named Athanasia de Alger Obelia. 

In The Lovely Princess story, she reincarnates into the Obelian Empire’s abandoned princess. She was to be brutally killed by her father – Claude de Alger Obelia, later in the story. He falsely accused her of poisoning the famous princess Jennette Margarita. 

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Now that she foresees her fate, Athanasia makes the difficult decision to create an affectionate bond with her new father. Time is running out for her to devise a strategy to escape her inevitable fate. 

Will she try to avoid catching the infamous emperor’s attention by living as quietly as possible or amass enough cash to leave the palace? Or will she have to resort to charming her way into her father’s favor? 

The story is categorized as a comedy, fantasy, Isekai (meaning: otherworld), and romance.

Novel Characters

Athanasia de Alger Obelia is the protagonist/reigning Crown Princess of the Obelian Empire. At that time, her fictional father, Claude de Alger Obelia, was also the ruler of the Obelian Empire. 

He is famous for his badass quotes, such as: “I would never forget this hatred, not till the day I die.” To understand the full context, you will have to dive into details of the Who Made Me A Princess novel spoilers. They’re fascinating!

Princess Jennette Margarita, also known as Jennette de Alger Obelia, in whom the protagonist will reincarnate.

Lucas is another supporting figure and the formidable Magician of the Black Tower. He was chosen as the crown princess’s official companion thanks to his ability to control Athanasia’s overflowing mana.

Ijekiel Alpheus from the House of Alpheus is a minor character.

Crown Princess Athanasia de Alger Obelia’s guard is Felix Robane, a supporting character in Who Made Me a Princess novel.

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Web Differences In “Who Made Me A Princess” Novel

If you’re wondering what sets the novel apart from the web version, it’s the diverging plot. While the webtoon emphasizes the familial bond between Athanasia and Claude without much romance, the book concentrates on Athanasia’s family, romance, and personal development. 

The Webcomic’s plot starts to diverge from episode 30, which diehard fans can quickly notice.

What Do Readers Say About The Novel?

Fans from Who Made Me a Princess novel forums flood to give their overwhelming support to the story.

On Goodreads, reader Plutus prefers the Light Novel to the Webcomic, mainly because the novel ignites more emotions in her. Meanwhile, the Webtoon version is more robust in terms of graphics. No matter which version, Who Made Me a Princess novel updates make her day and are like a “breath of fresh air” from typical manhwa.

Another dedicated novel fan, Christina, comments that she loves the emotional rollercoaster that follows after each pivotal moment. This story got her hooked on so many characters! 

What about you? We will leave a blank space for you to fill in after you give the novel a shot!

What Makes “Who Made Me A Princess” Novel Enjoyable? 3 Reasons

Character Development

Athanasia awakens at the narrative’s opening as a young child. Knowing her gloomy fate, Athanasia is unsure what to do next. She has several options: Either maintaining a low profile and wishing her father wouldn’t kill her or pretending to earn his love. 

As she gets older, our little princess will make friends with Lucas, a mystery boy, and Ijekiel, the son of a Duke, to gain hi Majesty’s favor. 

Her friendships in the fictional world also help shape her views about the world and, eventually, what could be the best course of action in her rebellion against fate. 

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Visual Aesthetics

Everything is a visual feast! The illustrations are excellent, and they know which parts will charm the audience. The colors seamlessly complement one another. 

And it is a crime not to mention how beautiful Claude (the emperor) and Athanasia’s eyes are. In addition, it seems like the Obelian empire is full of men and women with appealing looks! 

Superb Writing Skills

The Unexpected Plot 

If you believe the entire thing is just filler, you’re mistaken! Although it may have a cutesy beginning, as the plot develops and diverges from the book version, it truly gets interesting.

Father-Daughter Relationship Dynamics

Athanasia tries to establish a relationship with her father in most chapters. It’s so adorable beyond words! You would probably have several moments where you wished you had a father like Claude. And no, their relationship is totally innocent: There’s nothing incestuous going on here.

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Story-Telling Skills

In addition to having captivating characters, the story’s narrative and pacing set it apart from others. We were smitten by the characters immediately, and we genuinely wanted to know what happened next in Claude and Diana’s love story. 

There are not many novels out there where every appearance captures your attention, but the Who Made Me a Princess novel was just born differently.


If you like adventures and hilarious manhwa, you shouldn’t miss Who Made Me a Princess novel. This story is full of well-developed characters, and the visuals are so satisfying in the webtoon version. For novel lovers, you’ll also appreciate the writing, which is a significant component of the manga’s success. 

Now, pick up your book, turn on your show, and explore the Obelian empire with us!