Google Books Vs Kindle: Top Full Comparison 2022

Google Books vs Kindle platforms are both popular choices for readers. But which one is better? Google Books offers a variety of features that Kindle does not, such as the ability to search for specific passages and view book previews. On the other hand, Kindle has a more user-friendly interface and offers a wider selection of books.

Basic Information About Google Play Books And Kindle Books

Basic Information About Google Play Books And Kindle Books
google books vs kindle

First, I’ll go over the basics of the formats and DRM that these two types of books support and the platforms through which they may be purchased. You may get a thorough understanding of it.

We can see from the table above that these two types of books support various formats and DRM. Before purchasing them, make sure you have the necessary equipment to read them.

Devices And Apps For Buying And Reading Them

Devices And Apps For Buying And Reading Them

Comparison between devices for buying and reading these two kinds of books

1. Based on the number of popular devices that enable the native purchase and viewing of these two types of books, Google Play Books has the advantage. Google Play Books supports epub and pdf formats, which are widely used and available on various devices such as the Nook, Sony, and Kobo.

Furthermore, Google Play Books, like many other types of books, is secured by Adobe DRM. So, if you opt to purchase Google Play Books, you will be able to read them freely on the devices above. That is handy.

On the other hand, Kindle books primarily support the kfx, azw, azw3, and mobi formats, which are incompatible with other devices. Even if you have converted the file formats to epub or pdf, you must consider another issue: kindle DRM protection, which creates an additional barrier for you to read kindle books on other common devices.

2. Based on the mechanisms via which these two types of books are accessible, Kindle books win the competition. If you purchase Kindle books, you can read them on almost any Windows RT system. At the same time, Google Play Books is targeted at Android users.

Google play books app vs Kindle app

Google play books app vs Kindle app

The Google Play app and the Amazon app enable you to read them on incompatible devices that support reading applications, like reading Google Playbooks on a Kindle Fire or reading Amazon books on a nook HD, kobo arc, or iPad.

The following are some user reading experiences about these two reading apps.

1. You may use Kindle on various devices, including your phone, tablet, and computer. You can transmit a Kindle version of your book to a reviewer or anybody else, but not Google Books.

2. The Kindle app allows you to download the dictionary and look up terms while reading without leaving the app or the page you’re on.

3. There are several places from which you may get free books for your Kindle app (there are several formats).

You don’t have to buy anything from Amazon to read it on the Kindle app. That is not possible with Google Books.

4. even though the Kindle applications are deplorable, they are accessible on practically every platform.

5. Google Play uses a page curl animation, but Amazon uses a straight sliding motion.

6. You may modify the font and read all types of ebooks on the Google Play Books app.

7. There is no option to auto-download books in the Google Play Books app. It begins to store the whole book on your device until you pin the extra books.

You don’t need to delete DRM or convert file formats when reading these two types of books if you have the matching reading applications installed on your tablet.

However, if you want all of your books in one location or do not want to install such a reading program, you may use this tool Epubor Ultimate to strip DRM and convert the file format to the desired format. It allows you to remove DRM and convert formats.


In my opinion, a built-in dictionary is one of the most crucial features of any eBook program. When you tap on an unknown word, the definition appears immediately.

Dictionary is supported by both the Kindle and the Play Books. In Kindle, you must first download the offline dictionary, after which it will display the necessary information and definition. You may also look up the definition and use it on Wikipedia. Again, if you have an internet connection, this will work.

In contrast to the preceding, Google’s app allows you to access offline and online dictionaries. So, assuming you have good Wi-Fi access, you should be able to view the data immediately soon. At the same time, you may download the offline dictionary to assist you while you are not connected to the internet.

Another small distinction is that Kindle allows you to change the dictionary to your chosen language.

The default English dictionary is available in the Books app. Unfortunately, it lacks offline dictionaries in other languages.


Both applications provide language translation. Play Books has the benefit of Google and incorporates the in-house Translate function.

So all you have to do is long-tap a word, click the Translate button, and choose a language. The implementation is comparable to that of the Kindle app.

Additional Tools: Font Size, Line Spacing, and Margins

If you’re unhappy with the default text locations and fonts in an app, additional tools are a wonderful way to tweak it.

In Kindle, you may experiment with various typefaces, including Amazon’s Bookerly font. Alternatively, if you prefer a deep-set font, the applications also enable you to do so.

All you have to do is lightly press on the screen and choose the Aa option from the top of the screen, and the results will be shown immediately.

Except for the Margins tools, the Tools section of Play Books is similar to those of Kindles. You may also alter the font, line spacing, and font size here.

Display settings are another key topic to explore. Both programs allow you to transition from plain white to Sepia or black mode.

The Kindle app has a Green option that gives a light green backdrop for a more relaxing reading experience.

Night Light is another intriguing and smart feature in Play Books. When activated, this function progressively filters blue light based on the time of day. The functions listed above are in addition to the Find, Bookmark, and Annotation tools included in both applications.

Syncing Across Devices

Both applications allow you to sync your books across several devices. Whether the sync is between a Kindle device and two phones or a network of phones, as long as the account ID is the same, it will operate. The same is true with the Play Books app.

The ability to sync your notes and highlights with Google Drive is a big benefit of the Play Books app.

So, whether you’re reading from your computer’s browser or your phone, you can see the notes all in one place.

External Uploads

Both programs accept external uploads and sideloading. However, the functionality is not activated by default. You must have the Enable PDF uploading option enabled in Google Play Books for the procedure to go smoothly.

To experience all in-app features, download a PDF or an EPUB file and open it in the app.

In contrast to the procedure described above, the Amazon Kindle app only accepts PDF and MOBI files, and it is not as easy as just downloading the file. You must first grant data storage access permission in Settings.

Then, using the phone’s file manager, you’d have to transfer the files to the kindle folder manually. Though it’s hardly rocket science, I found Play Books’ way to be more simple.

Google Play vs. Amazon

Google Play and Amazon are two of the most popular e-reader and ebook retailers. They are both aware of their benefits and drawbacks. This section will offer a basic comparison between Amazon and Google Play.

Amazon ebookstore vs Google Play

1. Quantity and price of ebooks

Amazon offers a wider selection of ebooks at lower prices.

2. Feature

Amazon offers the freest and 99-cent ebooks from new and independent authors. It contains sales rankings for all books, but Google Play does not give such rankings. Their bestselling page is the sole indicator of a book’s popularity.

Amazon Appstore vs. Google Play

1. Selection of apps

Google Play has around 600,000 applications, while Amazon App Store only has roughly 47,000.

Amazon has over 100,000 TV series and movies to choose from, but Google Play claims to have “thousands” of movies and TV shows. They are on the same level in this regard.

However, unlike Google Play, the Amazon App Store does not have any major unique content. Though many popular Android applications are accessible in both app stores, several popular apps, such as Instagram and Hulu Plus, are exclusively available in Google Play.

2. Purchasing channel

Everything you purchase from Google (apps, music, magazines, movies/TV shows, and books) is accessible via the Google Play store. Amazon, on the other hand, is inconvenient. You may only buy books and periodicals via its Kindle shop. You must go to the Instant Video shop to get music, movies, and TV programs.
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3. Benefits and service

Every day, Amazon offers its consumers a wide range of free applications. Customers may also test out various applications for free in their web browser to see whether they are the right ones for them.

When clients subscribe to periodicals, Google offers 30- or 14-day samples. Similar to this, it enables people to listen to a song for free once.

Google enables consumers to return applications for a refund within 15 minutes of buying them. If Amazon consumers are dissatisfied with the applications they bought from Amazon, they may contact customer support to request a refund.

Finally, based on the user mentioned above experiences and their respective pros and cons, you may make an informed choice about whether to utilize Google Play Books or the Kindle.


Are Google books better than Kindle?

The Read-Aloud function is a fundamental distinction between the two applications. While Play Books allows you to listen to books via its Read Aloud function, Kindle does not. Bibliophiles would agree that this is a good feature since you may prefer to listen to a book rather than read it at times.

Can I read Kindle on Google books?

The uploaded book will be instantly synchronized when you launch the Google Play Books app on your Android smartphone. You may now read the Kindle book on Google Play Books by clicking the download icon.

Are Google Play Books shutting down?

Furthermore, Google Play Books saves all files you submit to the library. For the time being, Google has no plans to discontinue Google Play Books. Although new publisher sign-ups were briefly suspended, this was to enhance content management capabilities and user experience.

Is Google Book free?

Google’s free books are made accessible for reading after careful study and respect for copyright law across the world: they are public-domain works, made free at the request of the copyright owner, or copyright-free, such as US government records.


Although they serve similar purposes, Google Books and Kindle have different features that make them unique. Google Books offers a larger selection of titles than Kindle and the ability to read books online for free. On the other hand, Kindle has a built-in light and can be taken anywhere for offline reading. Thanks for reading!