The Ultimate Guide to Using Novelfull 2022

Japanese Light Novels and Manga Books are two art forms that originated in Japan. Since the 20th century, these artforms caught the eyes of readers from all around the world. Its popularity started in Japan as it is considered a great method to help Japanese readers learn more about the country’s culture, tradition, and history in a fun way. It can take you to another world full of adventure and lessons. Novelfull is a useful reading platform that you can use easily. This article is the ultimate guide to using Novelfull 2022 for your reading goals for free.


What is Novelfull?

Novelfull is a free reading platform that offers a variety of content. It has a massive collection of light novels and manga books. The platform aims to help readers from all around the world to access light novels and manga for free. The site contains the latest chapters and titles to choose from. You can view all the volumes of the novels on the platform. You can also view classic titles such as Sword Art Online and Goblin Slayer which had anime series adaptations. The platform has a simple user interface that every reader can easily maneuver. You can also share your works on the platform and be an amateur writer. A site similar to this is NovelUpdates but hugely differs in the features offered.


Features of Novelfull

Features play a huge part in users’ reading and browsing experience on a platform. Features can make or break a platform as it has the capacity to help readers or make their reading experience even worse. Novelfull has features that are loved by readers from all around the world. Here are some of their top favorites mentioned.

  • Wide Array of Collection. Novelfull has collections of both manga books and novels. Japanese Light Novels, Korean Light Novels, Chinese Light Novels, and Manga are found on Novelfull. Ranging from the classic titles to the latest trend are available on Novelfull. The platform has a collection of titles from these art forms.
  • Various Categories and Genres. There are a variety of categories available on the platform such as Completed Novel, Most Popular, Latest Release, and Hot Novel. You can browse these categories where manga and novel titles are arranged according to popularity. All the genres are also accessible on the platform such as fantasy, romance, mystery, yaoi, smut, and more.
  • Free Reading. Novelfull offers free reading services to users. You can read the titles that you are interested in on the platform for free. Worry no more about monthly fees or registration fee as Novelfull don’t have such. The services offered by the platform are completely free of charge.
  • Requires No Sign-Up. Novelfull doesn’t require its users to sign up. Rest assured that you won’t need to share your card information and personal information to access free manga and light novel books. Worry no more about your safety, the site doesn’t collect such information.
  • Book Summary. When you click a book title on the platform you can view and read the book summary. It is rare to find a platform that is free that also contains book summaries for book titles. Novelfull allows you to read the book summary to decide if the title will suit your interest.


Is Novelfull Safe to Use

Accessing a free site would lead you to overthink its safety. Novelfull is a safe site to use for reading manga and light novels online. Although the website is free, rest assured that it is safe from malware and viruses. The site offers free access to content with no account creation to keep you assured that it won’t steal any of your information and ask for hidden charges. 


Easy Steps to Use Novelfull for Reading Light Novels and Manga Books

Reading manga books and novels using Novelfull is easy. Skip the hassle process of using platforms that has millions of annoying advertisements and pop-up blocks. Follow these 5 Easy Steps to read light novels and manga on Novelfull for free.

  1. Open Browser: Using your device open the browser available. Search for Novelfull on the search bar. Make sure that your device is connected to an internet connection. Check the URL and be sure to enter the correct URL.
  2. Use the Search Bar: You’ll be taken to the homepage when you search for Novelfull. You can find the search bar by simply clicking the three bars at the upper right of the page. Use the search bar to search for specific titles, authors, genres, and keywords related to the book you want to read.
  3. Browse Genres and Categories: You can find the genres and categories when you click the three bars at the upper right of the platform. There are genres listed that you can simply click to browse according to popularity. The categories are found above the genre button where you can view different categories available on Novelfull. You can also explore the homepage by clicking the rectangle below the three bars to filter the results according to the genre.
  4. Choose the Title: Select the book titles that you are interested in and read the summary. By reading the summary and viewing the genre of the book you can know if it is the right book for you to read.
  5. Read and Rate: Start reading when you have selected the book that you want to read. You can do this by clicking the chapter number of the book that you want to read. Rate the books after reading to help the platform’s authors on having a higher position in categories.


Should I Use Novelfull?

The decision would depend on your preference and the content that you are looking for. Novelfulll is known as an all-in-one platform for having various book titles on just one platform. The top features of the platform are mentioned above and the tutorial on using the platform is written above. The only thing that you need to do is decide if this site is the one that you’ll need.



Reading light novels and manga books is a great pastime that can help the mind keep active. Novelfull is an excellent free platform that anyone can use from all around the world. It has a variety of features and a massive amount of content. It is simple to use for reading books online.