Free Japanese Light Novels Using Novelfull

If you have read Japanese novels in the past, you might have found that most of them are extremely expensive. In fact, many Japanese books can cost as much as a thousand dollars. As a result, it’s not surprising that few people bother reading free Japanese novels anymore. However, there is hope for those who don’t want to spend so much money on reading materials! In this article, we will discuss several methods for reading free light novels in Japanese—novels were specifically written for readers outside of Japan. Furthermore, we will explore ways to read them using Novelfull.


What are Japanese Light Novels?

Japanese light novels are a type of Japanese novels which is shorter than novels. It has a chapter per volume. Although there is also a sizable number of light novels written in Japanese, the majority are translations of foreign works. Many of these novels are written by famous authors. In addition, there are a number of Japanese light novel series that are extremely popular. One great example is Haruhi Suzumiya Series.

Since the early 2000s, these stories have become increasingly popular. They are also more accessible thanovelfulln other genres due to their simple language and structure. Unfortunately, not many Westerners are aware of their existence, and they are often viewed as a low priority compared to the manga, anime, and other written media. Japanese light novels unlike manga, it has only a small amount of graphic illustrations.


What is Novelfull?

Novelfull is an online platform that allows you to read any Japanese light novel in English. It has a wide array of novel selections that users can enjoy. It allows its users to rate and read novels for free. Manga, Korean Novels, and Chinese Novels are also available on Novelfull.

Novelfull is a website that allows you to read Japanese novels online. The service is free, and users can read Japanese novels on any platform including iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Windows, and Mac computers. It is accessible on any browser available to the user and is free to use. No hassle process of signing up. Read anytime with Novelfull.


Benefits of Reading Light Novels

Light novels have been widely read as many more of them get adapted into anime or movies. Reading novels has a lot of benefits to offer to readers below are some to mention.

  • Free Japanese Books: Most readers assume that reading free Japanese books will be a very low-quality experience. In reality, though, reading free Japanese novels can provide a great way to get into Japanese books. You can also enjoy reading high-quality Japanese books without spending a lot of money. As you read, you will gain a better understanding of the Japanese language and culture, which is helpful for anyone who wants to learn Japanese. 
  • Stay Focused: Often, it can be difficult to stay focused when reading in English. Reading novels in Japanese, however, forces you to focus on the story and keep your attention on the page. This is great for people who are looking to focus on something other than their daily frustrations. Reading Japanese novels can also help you gain an appreciation for Japanese literature as a whole. 
  • Learn Japanese Culture and Lore: Many Japanese novels have themes and topics relevant to Japanese culture and lore. Reading Japanese novels can help you learn about Japanese history, traditions, and customs. Moreover, you can also learn about Japanese fads, such as anime and manga, which can be helpful in your day-to-day life.
  • Improve Writing Skills: Many Japanese light novels offer plenty of opportunities for improving your writing skills. You can write summaries of novels to help you keep track of what you read and discuss the books with your friends.


How to Read Novels Using Novelfull

Reading Novels using Novelfull is easy and hassle-free. The first thing you need to do is open Novelfull on your device. You can use any device and open it using any browser. Make sure to keep your device connected with an internet connection. You’ll be taken to the homepage of the platform.

Select the novel to read by browsing through the categories or searching for a specific title using the search bar. By clicking a title you’ll be taken to a page where you can view the summary, author, genre, and chapters of the novel you choose. Make sure to read the summary to assure that the novel is in line with your interest. After reading you can rate the novel which can greatly help other readers in choosing their next read. 


Tips on Reading Novels

Reading is a task that requires going through a correct process to earn knowledge. Below are some tips to have an effective reading experience along the way.

  • Read in Small Stacks. Instead of reading a single Japanese novel at a time, reading them in small stacks can help you to stay focused on each novel and also help you to stay on track. This can be particularly helpful if you want to read a large number of Japanese novels. If you want to read as many books as possible, you can also join reading groups on sites like Reddit and Facebook.
  • Try to read novels that interest you. While reading Japanese light novels can be a great way to expand your reading horizons, it can be difficult to keep reading if you are not interested in the story. Reading novels that you enjoy will make it easier for you to stay engaged in Japanese language study. 
  • Try to find a reading pace that works for you. While reading novels requires a high level of focus, you also have to be able to read at a pace that works for you. If you have trouble reading at a steady pace, you may find yourself getting frustrated when you get lost while reading.
  • Remember that reading faster does not always mean that you are reading more. Different readers have different reading speeds, and it’s important to find a reading pace that works for you without rushing.



Reading Japanese light novels can give you a great way to improve your Japanese language skills, explore Japanese culture, and spend time reading something in your free time. In order to read Japanese novels, you will need a Japanese light novel reader like Novelfull. It is a platform that allows you to read Japanese light novels online in English or download the story to read them on the go. While it may seem like Japanese light novels are only for high-level Japanese learners, they are actually very accessible. If you are looking to read Japanese novels for a relatively low cost, you can read them on your phone or computer using Novelfull.