Why Should You Read How To Get My Husband On My Side Novel?

If you want to immerse yourself in a novel with passionate love anda  dramatic plot, this is the best for you: How To Get My Husband On My Side novel.


Here come an in-depth review of How To Get My Husband On My Side novel

Set the mood for romance with this love novel we’re about to show you by lighting a few candles, getting some of your favorite sweet treats ready, and enjoying some cozy drinks. This series of novels has it all: passionate love, drama, stories about the royal family, and more.

Why Should You Read How To Get My Husband On My Side Novel?

How To Get My Husband On My Side Novel 101 – Overview

  • Rating Average: 3.8 – 4.0
  • Author: Spice & Kitty
  • Artist: Siru
  • Genres:: Drama, Fantasy, Full Color, History, Josephine, Mythology, Mature Romance, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy
  • Type: Manhwa
  • Tags: Drama, History, Fantasy, Joseph, Adult Psychology, Tragedy, Romance.
  • Released year: 2021

How To Get My Husband On My Side Novel Spoiler – Summary 

The female protagonist has unfortunately been in a plane crash and thought that her life has come to an end. But when she woke up, she found herself reincarnated in the body of Ruby – a maid who lived in the Ressanaince Era in a novel she has read before. Indeed, she was thrown in the deep end and stuck in the body of a stranger. 

Ironically, as she read that story, she knows what will happen to Ruby, who will be killed by her future husband after being exploited as a weapon for power by her brother and father.

Ruby’s father begged her fifth groom to marry her to save his kingdom. The problem is that the legendary knight of the North, whom she must marry, is also the one who will be responsible for her family’s murder.

But the female lead (who is now Ruby) needs to find a way to live.

There are many obstacles that she must overcome inside the story: She must save her husband’s sister, charm the cold husband, and win the people of the North over, who all hate her now.

“I love you. Please don’t kill me!”

Sounds interesting yet?

Novel Characters 

  • Main Character’s family

  • Address: Borgia, South, Romagna kingdom​
  • Rudbeckia de Borgia (Ruby): 18 years old, the main character and man lead’s wife
  • Pope: Main character’s adoptive father, abuser no.1
  • Cesare de Borgia (Cardinal Valentino): 
  • Main character’s oldest stepbrother, Pope’s eldest son, Duke of Savoy, governor of Romagna, abuser no.2
  • Enzo de Borgia: Main character’s 2nd stepbrother, Pope’s 2nd son
  • Carmen: Pope’s 2nd official lover
  • Rudbeckia’s biological mother: was killed shortly after giving birth
  • Male Lead’s family

  • Address: Omerta, North, Brittania kingdom
  • Izek van Omerta: 22 years old, Longinus Knights knight captain, nephew of the king, heir to the principality of Omerta, male lead, and main character’s husband
  • Elenia van Omerta – male lead’s sister, niece of the king
  • Duke Omerta: male lead’s father
  • Duchess Omerta: the main lead’s mother, committed suicide when the male lead was young
  • Furigana Marquisate: Omerta’s childhood friends
  • Freya van Furiana: male lead’s embarrassingly pathetic, Marquis’s daughter, entitled POS childhood friend
  • Lorenzo van Furiana: Freya’s aggressive POS brother, Brittania’s Paladin
  • Supporting Characters

  • Ivan: Brittania’s Paladin, nicknamed ‘Flower Knight’ because of his good looks, but opposite personality, male lead’s best friend
  • Leah: Ivan’s younger sister, the main character’s friend
  • Monsters: main character’s friends
  • Ice dragon: attacks people with ice magic, loves jewelry 
  • Popo: strange appearance with a huge mouth, crocodile-like teeth, a chubby body reminiscent of a rabbit and a penguin
  • Griffin: The upper body is in the shape of a bird with wings, face, and legs but the lower half is in the shape of a leopard 
  • King Faenol: North King, male lead’s uncle
  • Queen: formerly dancer and Pagan slave from the East
  • Princess Ari: 6 years olds, female lead’s friend and male lead’s cousin
  • Ronya: Female protagonist’s trusted maid
  • Lucille: the main character’s trusted maid
  • Marta: about 40 years old, chief and head maid, the nanny of Ellena
  • Longinus Knights (Paladins of Brittania): guardians of the north and knights loyal to the Holy Grail
  • The group of 6 most elite knights includes: Ivan, Izek, Camu, Galar, Ruve, Anonymous
  • Endymion – trainee and apprentice paladin of Izek, Galar’s brother
  • Lorenzo: Freya’s brother
  • Sir Barons: the knight commander
  • Pietro: Cesare’s loyal servant
  • Sergei: Omerta family’s doctor, used to be a healing priest

Who Should Read “How To Get My Husband On My Side?” 

Whatever reason or genre you believe in, the best thing about this romance novel is that it caters to all ages, from 14 to 75 years old.

There are two main reasons why romance novels like “How To Get My Husband On My Side” are popular and suitable for most people.

First, they are simple, light, and so appeal to light readers so their brains relax and enjoy. In particular, novels like “How To Get My Husband On My Side?” often have a happy ending that will make readers more satisfied. 

Reading romance novels also allows our imaginations to run wild. That’s why book lovers aren’t satisfied with book adaptations because the plot may not be the way they imagined it to be.

Second, readers often like the joyful, bright, nice feeling when they finish reading a novel, and that makes them choose romance novels. Daily life can be boring and mundane, so why not spark it up by entering a youthful love story? 

What Do Readers Say?

Here are some comments about the How to get my husband on my side light novel from readers:

Ixheewon: I love this book. She does a great job at accurately capturing the sadness of the situation and making us feel horrible for her. Perhaps because I am discontented with misconceptions and injustice, sometimes it is difficult to continue reading this book because it makes me feel so horrible. I hope happiness comes to Ruby soon.

serenawaldorf9829: I am a reader who only started reading novels a year ago, however, I can now affirm that this novel is my favorite. Sometimes I don’t know whether to cry, laugh, or just feel completely alone because it’s so deep, so beautiful, and even hurt.

Redjynn: The book is a beautifully written story of people trying to survive both physical and emotional abuse. However, it is presented from a limited first-person perspective that makes the reader feel as if they are reading blindly. This is because the main character has a limited, broken perspective to the point where we relate to her more and don’t understand the other characters’ perspectives. In my opinion, she perfectly captures Fawn’s Response. She has such a strong survival mindset that she can’t recognize the good intentions of others but can immediately sense the risk. 

Moreover, I disagree with the male lead having too few lines. In the first 20 chapters, he is indecisive as he never finishes his sentence or gives a full opinion which makes the plot and character’s psychology not portrayed.

Creative: Simply put, this is a great novel. Every time I read it, I get emotional. I’m excited to see more of the character development in this novel as it’s not too fast-paced but profound and impressive.


If you like romantic but dramatic and fascinating love novel stories of this genre, you should not miss the How To Get My Husband On My Side novel.

We strongly recommend giving it a shot as it is an excellent and ideal book with a compelling plot that will clear your mind and fill you with excitement.